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How BrandIdea can deliver these powerful analyses
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The bedrock of BrandIdea are the granular, hyper-local data sets. These data-sets have been  built bottom-up, from the last mile upwards – where all the marketing actions happen. Since the last point of action is already captured in the data-sets, no further extrapolations or approximations are necessary. This dramatically cuts down the time for analyses and enables BrandIdea to deliver the final output – within seconds!

The other reason is the powerful visualization built on pre-built insights – so the next logical step is literally thrown up to the user and he/she is led to the solution almost intuitively.

The only Analytics Platform in India which comes
with built-in, external granular data & insights!

Unlike any other Analytics Application, our Platform comes with Consumer and Intermediary data, digitized from the last mile upwards, covering over a crore and a half of Retailers, Dealers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Aggregators, built upwards and geo-located to over 8000 plus towns and cities, 6 lakh villages and over 2 lakh neighborhoods of India

BrandIdea works on a SaaS-based Subscription model, with Unlimited Data, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Customization.

Gartner 2013

BrandIdea supports analysis at the speed of thought even against massive data.

“Brand and sales managers at CPG companies live and breathe market share data, and even a 0.5% gain is closely monitored. BrandIdea’s offerings can play an important role in gaining market share.” says Gartner

Why Cool: BrandIdea has built an industry analytical service of 400 sourced datasets. Using modern statistical modeling techniques, it has been able to create missing datasets that can be used by marketers for activities such as market reach improvement, rural expansion and distribution management by integrating it with the company’s internal primary and secondary sales data. The vendor has sourced consumer demographic information over a three-year period across 6 lakh villages and 8000 towns in India. Apart from the industry analytical service, the software as a service (Saas)-based platform provides standard business intelligence (BI) platform capabilities for reporting, querying and spatial analytics.

* Select extracts from Gartner Cool Vendor Report, 2013

Gartner 2014

“Using modern statistical modeling techniques, BrandIdea has been able to create missing datasets that marketers can integrate with internal primary and secondary sales data to improve their market reach, expand into rural areas and manage their distribution. In a three-year period, the provider has sourced consumer demographic information from almost 650,000 villages and 5,600 towns in India.

BrandIdea has developed a GIS-based, user-friendly interface that clients can use to navigate information with relative ease. The entire platform, which combines the GIS interface, embedded data and analytic services, is delivered to customers via a SaaS-based framework”

* Select extracts from Gartner Cool Vendor Report, 2014

Hyper-local Solutioning and the role of AI

Hyper-local Solutioning: BrandIdea’s Platform steers you clear from all the pitfalls of using macro-data. Macro-level data gives you an averaged out view of markets and segments and flattens the differences. These Hyper-local differences help to prioritize and customize Actionability, all on the BrandIdea App – with just a few clicks!

All our data is granular and is built bottom-up, and is therefore in large quantum and more robust – when inputted into our AI algorithms, the insights generated are more powerful and actionable.

  • Many more external factors
  • More Prescriptive elements
  • Capturing change quicker, faster
  • Removing Limits to Scale, Scope, and Learning

Our AI handles the complexity of marketing and sales strategies using data science algorithms like:

Cognitive Insights | Heuristic Modelling  |  Affective Computing  |  Ensemble Averaging…

…and many more, resulting in Simplicity, which works for you as a marketer!


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