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Empower and energize your Sales Force!

Here is a great way to execute the wonderful initiatives that the App has generated for you!

Trigger them – with complete control – with the BrandIdea ACTIVAX mobile application, from within the BrandIdea app itself!

Equip your field force and help them manage, capture, and complete their tasks from the field, at any time.

Personalized briefs and step by step to-dos for each task assigned.

Eliminate paperwork and unnecessary phone calls, whilst drastically reducing costs.

With minimal training, field force can access task-critical information anytime, enhancing productivity.

Activax screens

Advantages for the field force:

  • Manage the assigned daily tasks
  • Edit details about any task as your work progresses
  • Track your task status
  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Time / Attendance Tracking
  • Clock in or out (with GPS location)
  • Time tracking for your activities
  • Live updates back to Task Owner
  • No paper reports
  • Get notified anywhere, anytime and stay connected
  • Task specific, real-time 2-way communication between assignee and task owner.
  • Track due date for every task to help you achieve your goals
  • Tasks Organized by date for prioritization
  • Receive due date notification reminders to keep your tasks on track

Trigger your Marketing Initiatives – instantly!

Activation Roll-Out

Once installed, the app opens to the Login page where the Field Officer would need to enter his registered Mobile number. He would then get an OTP password.

Once logged in the first thing a Field officer needs to do is to mark his attendance.

He clicks on the Profile Icon to mark his attendance.

Once the attendance is marked he proceeds to view details of the Task assigned to him.

The task “Retailer Expansion” has been assigned to him with the list of 10 Stores he needs to canvas.

Acivax screens

The app provides him with the most optimized route to cover all these 10 outlets from his current location.

The field officer proceeds to the nearest store using the navigation provided. Once the Store is reached, he is allowed to click into the Store and can now start filling in the details required.

Once all the required details are filled he can click on “Mark as Completed” and move on to the next store.

While the Field force is busy on the field his Manager can track all this progress LIVE from the comfort of his desk using the BrandIdea Admin Dashboard.

The manager gets a bird’s eye view of top line summary by task or geography. He can also manage his field force more effectively by tracking their attendance, LIVE GPS tracking, performance and efficiency.


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