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BrandIdea Granular Analytics Platform has been built to help Companies in their end-to-end Marketing, Sales & Distribution functions. 

Critically, the platform comes with built-in granular, hyper-local, last-mile Data on Consumers & Consumption, Media & Retailers (incldg Profiles of over 1 crore Retailers in the country) at every Neighbourhood / Village in the Country. This data is further processed using advanced data science techniques for generating insights, segmentations, personas, precision targeting, behavioral analysis, category share, coverage gaps, price elasticity, trends, path to growth, etc. The Analysis upgrades from Discovery to Diagnostics to Prediction to Prescription.

From your Sales data, you can profile your Current User base, look at extending it to the Fringe Users & Non-Users and explore Extended Potential Users on various Metrics, including Willingness to Pay – all these at granular levels of every Neighbourhood & Village.


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