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Can there be a more intense and chaotic category than the FMCG / CPG vertical that almost defines how the entire Indian Market, including unfairly other verticals, is looked at – 93% Unorganized and 7% Organized. As the saying goes, if you can handle the intricacies of the FMCG business, every other vertical would be a pushover. Rural appears to be a vast ocean, where every drop of action only reinforces the difficulty of conquering it.

What is the turnaround time for analysis at your company?

A few weeks? A few days?

BrandIdea gives you answers in seconds! You’ll be amazed by the incredible Insights you get at the Speed of Thought.

That is precisely what BrandIdea set about doing – giving control and mastery of the Country’s deep markets and myriad consumers, where values that consumers seek change with every neighborhood and every sub-category.

If you are a Sales Head, Marketing Head or a CEO, down to the Sales Executive incharge of a clutch of villages or a route, BrandIdea gives you the power and ease to seek opportunities.

Solve challenges at the click of a button. Ask for a demo and see for yourself.

The only Analytics Platform in India which comes with built-in, External Granular data & insights!

Unlike any other Analytics Application, our Platform comes with Consumer and Intermediary data covering over a crore and a half of Retailers, Dealers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Aggregators, built upwards and geo-located to lakhs of neighborhoods, over 6000 plus towns and cities and 6 lakh villages.

We make actionable insights literally pop out of the screen, with the help of versatile data visualizations.

Since the resulting interventions are customized and intense at the micro-level, there is minimal wastage of marketing and sales effort, as against a top-down, trickle-down approach.

At the micro-level, the multiplicity of these data points results in insightful predictive and prescriptive analytics. Such insights would not have emerged but for the Granularity of data and analytics.