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Solutions for Activation

Activate your Sales Promotion

Operationalize Implementation

Better segmentation of Neighborhood and critically, finer selection of CCPs for BTL, Sampling etc.


Selection of CCPs by profiling of Consumers (SEC, Income, etc.) around any radius (98 types – Coffee Shops, Malls, Salons, Colleges, Schools, Med Clinics, etc.)

Sampling Prescription

Retailer & Sales Plotting at Village Level

Better Conversion Rates by efficient targeting to the right HHs in the right Localities. Tracking & Course Corrections based on feedback loops.


Recommendations on which Neighborhoods / Locality to target & tracking, based on Consumer Profile matching to SKUs.

Micro-market Roll-out Plan

Route Mapping Optimization

Simplifies and speeds up Rural Expansion by hand-holding the Sales Rep through the roll-out, increasing efficiency and hastening ROI.


Targeted districts and villages are mapped out, prioritized and clustered based on potential, and linked to the nearest existing or prospective Distributor/ Sub-Distributor.


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