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Maximize Selling Time at Retail – with just a few clicks!

Do you think your Distributors’ Salesmen spend far too much time in order processing and execution – time which they should actually be spending in generating more Sales?

Is a significant amount of Distributors’ resources being spent in correcting errors in order fulfilment?

Now, these pain points can be eliminated with BrandIdea’s Maximax, a Sales Force Automation tool that can be configured to the specific needs of your Distributors, thereby also eliminating paperwork and unnecessary calls, whilst drastically reducing costs.

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Key Features

Know your retail market for segment-specific action

Maximax automatically captures geo-locations of your stores, helping you in optimizing your coverage strategy. Also, each visit adds new information to their profile. You also get to know your customer segments to run targeted schemes.

Optimize Beat Plans

Maximax helps to spend maximize selling time at the store – not on travelling to the store.

Improve your secondary sales by recommending orders to the front line.

Using our AI-based recommendations, you can assist your sales reps in choosing the right product & schemes in the right quantity based on pattern of orders, stock and market conditions.

Keep track of Visual Merchandising in store for inducing offtake

Get better insight into how your product display, campaigns, and installations are performing. Our simple UI enables your own team to collect Visual Merchandising data from your stores.

Offer intuitive support to your area managers to monitor their territory activities successfully.

Provide a complete view of all the activities performed by the team ensuring awareness about the KPIs met by your sales reps.

Get better returns from store promotion.

GPS and selfie attendance features will make sure your promoter is present in-store every day.

Existing Stock reporting capability will help to keep track of stock and help arrive at tertiaries to verify new scheme efficiency.

In-built Dealer Management System

Maximax comes with a built-in DMS that can aid distributors with inventory, schemes, invoicing, and claims.

Get notified anywhere, anytime and stay connected

Get real-time instant notifications on new briefs / tasks and other instructions

Task specific 2-way communication between assignee and task owner (WIP)**

Pre-built Tasks

  • BTL
  • Sampling / Trials
  • Retailer or Intermediary Expansion (Urban & Rural)
  • Rural Expansion
  • Research

Tasks & actions to be taken by the Field officer at the Store are fully customizable


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