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Thanks to the rapidly galloping proliferation of mobiles, internet and digitization, even before demonetization, Indian consumers – urban and rural, across social classes – are moving up the learning curve on online transactions, and most banks are anxious to keep pace with that curve.

BrandIdea Platform stretches across the entire Marketing & Sales function, across the Customer Life Cycle and across all product deliveries.

Some of the key tasks that banks need to perform, in some cases almost simultaneously:

  • Prioritizing certain products/customers that are core to the bank’s strategy
  • Cross-sell / up-sell various products, with a clear evaluation of risk involved in each
  • Reduce time to respond to customer actions in view of their rising expectations
  • Optimise decision-making to maximize the bank’s profitability – ensure that every initiative is monetized
  • Innovate on products for unbanked population to grow segment profitably
  • Target High Net Worth Individuals for Wealth Management

Our Analytics Repertoire

  • Market Potential Estimation
  • Heighten Experiential & Increase Loyalty
  • Customer Risk Management
  • Manage Churn
  • Sales Analysis
  • Marketing Mix Analysis
  • Identify hidden HNWI
  • Upsell & Cross-sell
  • Personas by Risk Appetite
  • Trends in BFSI

The BrandIdea Business Analytics Product is distinctly unique. We have been modeling granular data assiduously for the last eight years – painstakingly, from the bottom-up — across 6 lakh villages, 8000 towns and 2 lakh neighborhoods of India. We use an array of data-science techniques to generate powerful and compelling granular analytics, which make actionable insights literally pop out of the screen, with the help of versatile data visualizations.

Since the resulting interventions are customized and intense at the micro-level, there is minimal wastage of marketing and sales effort, as against a top-down, trickle-down approach. Also, these efforts drive higher growth by aggregating the effect of customized actions as against the diffused effect of top-down implementation.

At the micro-level, the multiplicity of these data points result in insightful Predictive and Prescriptive analytics, leading to surprising revelations that answer queries which traditional research would have struggled on. Such insights would not have emerged but for the Granularity of data and analytics.


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