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With all-round heightened consumer anxiety, the post-COVID 19 scenario signals a boom for the health & pharma sectors. Not only are consumers moving towards specialist offerings, they are wanting to be part of an eco-system which takes care of their short & long-term health needs. Motivated by the underlying opportunity and the multiple pain points of consumers in health, Pharma Cos and Care-givers are reconfiguring their approach.

While some have chosen to focus on single segments/verticals, others have opted for an integrated play in collaboration with tech-based healthcare services to give consumers an all-under-one-roof experience.

In all of this, the criticality of hyper-local data & insights – which show the way for location, reach and access of health-care products and services – has only got heightened. The BrandIdea App is a powerful tool for Health & Pharma sector to optimize solutions right down to the last mile in the Co – Care Giver – Chemist/ Diagnostics Services chain.

Our Repertoire

  • Size and & profile of HHs (demographics, occupation, life-stage, lifestyle, income, HNWIs, etc)
  • Profile and spread of Outpatient Caregivers, Pharmacies and Diagnostic Services
  • Location and spread of PHCs and Govt Caregivers especially in Rural to point to White Spaces that Cos can tap into
  • OTC Retail Outlet spread and profile of Households around Chemists
  • Uncovered Chemists and catchment profile
  • Potential Hyper-local HUBs
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