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With all-round heightened consumer anxiety, the post-COVID 19 scenario signals a boom for the health & pharma sectors. Not only are consumers moving towards specialist offerings, they are wanting to be part of an eco-system which takes care of their short & long-term health needs. Motivated by the underlying opportunity and the multiple pain points of consumers in health, Pharma Cos and Care-givers are reconfiguring their approach.

While some have chosen to focus on single segments/verticals, others have opted for an integrated play in collaboration with tech-based healthcare services to give consumers an all-under-one-roof experience.

In all of this, the criticality of hyper-local data & insights – which show the way for location, reach and access of health-care products and services – has only got heightened. The BrandIdea App is a powerful tool for Health & Pharma sector to optimize solutions right down to the last mile in the Co – Care Giver – Chemist/ Diagnostics Services chain.

Now, wait for a remarkable reversal of financial ‘dis-ease’.

Decision makers can engage with KAM – Key Account Managers and IDNs – Integrated Delivery Networks and Payers.

You can use prescriptive and predictive analysis to calculate Lifetime Value of Customers.

Algorithms will identity doctors who serve specific patient profiles and Increase loyalty towards your brand. You’ll be able to see where your high potential clinics and hospitals are located and allocate resources appropriately.

So, choose a robust analytics platform.

No ‘false positives’ guaranteed!


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